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Testing real customer demand for your new product idea has never been easier

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What is LaunchDrive

What is LaunchDrive

Our Ai based software solution LaunchDrive enables you to quickly and easily determine the real customer demand for your product idea an automated Landing page demand test - even before you have created your first prototype.

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Automation through Artificial Intelligence

Our AI will create the copy text, landing page and ad automatically.

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Easy to Use through gamified User Interface

You can easily navigate our tool with our intuitive step-by-step interface – without any digital marketing experience.

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Time-saving trough an innovative Process

LaunchDrive is the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to ensure the success of a new product launch based on highly valid real market data

Automated creation of the landing page demand test

After entering the relevant information about the company, the product, the corporate design and individual preferences for the social media campaigns, our AI automatically suggests the relevant copy texts and creates the landing page. The appropriate social media campaigns are also created directly.

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Data evaluation and visualization in the Real-Time Dashboard

Keep track of the performance of your landing page at all times. Compare, the number of website visits, the individual actions and other relevant KPIs that arise on the individually created variations of your landing page.
The Customer demand Score summarizes as an overall performance score the differently collected data and forms an easily interpretable key figure for the early market demand of the respective product.

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What makes LaunchDrive stand out?

Launchdrive offers an innovative and effective landing page demand test for your product idea through advanced functionalities and powerful features

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Landing Page suggestions are customizable

No design skills needed! You have complete control over the look and feel of your Landing Page, from its layout, to content an

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Easy Collaboration through web-based Service

You can easily collaborate with your team, clients and other stakeholders with the responsive and web-based service.

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Sophisticated data security mechanism

Your sensitive company data is not shared with third parties and is stored on our own servers in Germany.

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Drag & Drop Editing

Drag element edges to set spacing. Move copytexts and add a new order to each element of the landing page.

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Campaign customization

The dashboard visualizes the performance of the respective landing page test in real time. Potential problems can thus be identified and adjusted at any time.

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Suitable in any market

Our software solution LaunchDrive can be used in B2B as well as in B2C context as a white label solution

Pricing Plans

You can choose different product options regarding your own needs for validating product ideas:


Testing one hypothesis regarding your products.

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Testing multiple hypothesis regarding the product

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Testing all sorts of hypothesis regarding several products

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LaunchDrive offers a AI powered solution to help product and innovation managers to test their new product ideas with real market demand.
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